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Surveillance Objectives

Graphic of multiple deer populations.
Objective 1 / Identify effective surveillance designs for early detection of zoonotic diseases in wildlife host species.
Objective 2 / Implement a surveillance system that provides transmission risk assessment for persistence of new diseases in deer populations.
Objective 3 / Build infrastructure and develop effective strategies to rapidly deploy targeted surveillance programs in response to detection of a new disease in wildlife.

Disease Emergence Objectives

Graphic of human-deer contact.
Objective 1 / Understand epidemiological risk factors for emergence of SCV2 and other pathogens in wild deer.
Objective 2 / Advance methods for predicting spatial disease dynamics in wildlife populations by scaling up wild deer movement data in different geographical contexts to population-level disease dynamics.
Objective 3 / Build methods to integrate data from different surveillance programs to predict landscape-level hotspots of disease emergence.
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